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To fasten the production of 2, 3 and single layer drip pipes in sizes like 20mm, 16mm and 12mm and thicknesses such as 0.2mm,0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm, we installed efficient Servo Punching System, Synchronized Operation Control Panel and Automatic Dripper Insertion System. Using these advanced machines, our production capacity increased to 1000 rolls (per day).
One of our best innovations for the farming industry is Pump Guard Auto Switches. Our M100 Pump Guard Auto Switch, M10 Timer Pump Guard Auto Switch, M20 Dry Run Pump Guard Auto Switch and M1008 Pump Guard Auto Switch are useful in times of erratic behavior of electricity. Their rugged construction, supreme performance, low maintenance, and ease of use make them ideal for use at the time of irrigation of agricultural crop. We are known as a manufacturer of not only aforementioned products but also Dry Run Auto Switch, Submersible Control Panel and GSM Auto Switch. We are also appreciated for bringing forth Pump Controlling Products with the support of more than 100 dealers, especially in western Maharashtra. Our company is proud of recruiting women from rural areas for manufacturing products.

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To contribute in agricultural development process and produce the cost effective technologies for farmers.

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Farming is the business depend up on seasonal rainfall and ground water resources .our mission is to provide them cost effective irrigation solution so farmers can produce maximum yield with minimum water usage. We continuously engage in new product development with our experienced product design team.
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